Do 98% of Catholic women use contraception?

It has recently been claimed–by the Obama Administration as well as Mrs. Pelosi, the House Minority Leader, that 98% of Catholic women use contraception.  First, even if true, this does not justify the use of contraception.  It certainly does not justify the Administration forcing the Catholic Church to pay for contraceptives, abortion-inducing drugs, and sterilization, all of which are against the Church’s moral doctrines.  This logic sounds like the reasoning that my high school freshmen use every day.  “Everyone else is doing it, so we should be allowed to, too.”  I don’t accept that silliness from teenagers, and we shouldn’t accept it from our government.

But, do Catholic women contracept at this rate?  The source of these numbers is the always-reliable (well, perhaps not) Guttmacher Institute, an arm of Planned Parenthood. Do you detect an agenda?  Their report on contraceptive use is full of interesting assumptions.  Of the surveyed women “Catholics,” 87% used some form of contraception, 2% used Natural Family planning, and 11% used no method.  However, these women were only those who were sexually active and attempting to avoid pregnancy.  Not included were women who were trying to get pregnant or were postpartum.  Notably, chaste women were also not included in the survey.  Of the women identified as “Catholic” in the survey, 30% attended church less often than weekly, while 30% attended church monthly, less seldom, or not at all.  Conclusion?  Certainly, too many Catholic women contracept.  But, even according to the survey, 87% (not 98% as in Administration statements) of the women surveyed contracept.   This is 87% of a select group of sexually active women trying to avoid pregnancy, two-thirds of whom attend Mass less often than once a week.  I wonder what would the numbers be if we asked the question: what percentage of weekly Mass-attending Catholic women, including all women of childbearing age, are contracepting?  Guttmacher has asked and answered a different question–one that supports their pro-abortion, pro-contraception agenda.  Or, as my high school math teacher taught me, “figures lie and liars figure.”

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One Response to Do 98% of Catholic women use contraception?

  1. battleborndeacon says:

    It is interesting that Planned Parenthood and other pro- choice groups are making the HHS mandate an issue of access to contraception. The Catholic Church has been clear that this is an issue of the rights of individuals to follow their conscience. This issue affects everyone, whether they use contraception or not. The real issue is, does the government have the right to dictate to religious institutions and to religious individuals what they will and will not value. It only takes one small crack in the dam of freedom for the waters of tyranny to spill over us.

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