The HHS mandate is not the Obama administration’s first attack on religious liberty

Matthew J. Franck, at First Things, provided a good analysis of the recent Hosanna-Tabor decision by the U.S. Supreme Court.  Obama’s EEOC had, in essence, directed the small Lutheran church school to hire a person into the church’s ministry, regardless of that person’s adherence to Lutheran doctrine.  The Court soundly rebuked the administration with a 9-0 decision.  This is closely connected to the administration’s actions regarding the HHS mandate, and clearly shows a pattern of action and intention on the part of the administration to curtail our religious freedom.  One excerpt:

This is just what the Obama HHS is trying to do with its insurance mandate—make a political judgment that the beliefs of Catholics and others regarding contraception and abortion are not really important to the “overall mission” of religious hospitals, schools, and soup kitchens—as the government understands that mission. This struggle looks more like Hosanna-Tabor than like Smith. The Obama administration deserves to be rebuked for the hostility to religious liberty in its proposed HHS rules, for the same reasons its EEOC lost yesterday.

Read the entire post here.

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