Federal court in Washington state rules on conscience objection

U.S. District Court in Washington has ruled that a state board of pharmacy regulation cannot direct pharmacists to violate their consciences.  The state board had directed pharmacists to stock and sell drugs (early abortion, or so-called “Plan B”) that take human life.

From the court’s ruling:

“The Board of Pharmacy’s 2007 rules are not neutral, and they are not generally applicable. They were designed instead to force religious objectors to dispense Plan B, and they sought to do so despite the fact that refusals to deliver for all sorts of secular reasons were permitted. The rules are unconstitutional as applied to Plaintiffs.”

Conscience rights based on religious, moral, or ethical grounds must be respected.  Federal court in Washington seems to understand the First Amendment.  When will the Obama administration do likewise?

Read the summary by the Alliance Defense Fund.  Attorneys allied with the ADF filed the lawsuit; the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty was co-counsel.

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