Gallup poll on the furor over the HHS mandate–you were not expecting this!

A Gallup poll taken recently has some interesting findings.  As always, one must read between the lines for some of best information.

First, the Gallup headline is “Contraception debate divides Americans, including women.”  Gallup has bought into the meme of the administration that this is a debate about contraception.

Second, the opinion of women is fairly close to that of men.  Reading the mainstream media, you might believe that this was an issue that would cause women to reject anyone (especially any candidate) who was against the HHS mandate.  But women do not do so.  47% of women agree with religious leaders on this issue, and 46% with the Obama administration.  49% of men agree with religious leaders; 44% of men agree with the administration.  Among self-identified Catholics, 56% agreed with religious leaders, and 39% with the Obama administration.

Third, you might think that this was an issue of little interest to the general public.  However, 60% of the people surveyed are following the issue, while 29% are following the issue very closely.  That’s quite high, compared to many other news stories.  Your friends and neighbors and co-workers are interested in the issue.  You could be the one to  fill in their information gap.  This interest also indicates that the issue will maintain importance in this election year.  Also, politicians read these polls.  This level of public interest means that they will pay attention to letters, calls, and emails.  Your action will make a difference!

Read the entire poll here.

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