Why is the left so fired up about forcing Catholics to violate their consciences?

It’s an interesting question.  Why did the Obama administration pick this fight?  They didn’t have to create a firestorm by mandating that believers violate their consciences by forcing them to pay for things morally objectionable.  Why isn’t the controversy about forcing Catholics to pay for dental coverage?  What motivates the left?

From the perspective of people of faith, this is a fight about religious liberty.  We are being directed by the government, at pain of fines and possible jail time, to violate our most deeply-held moral beliefs.  But the left doesn’t see it that way, and this is why they are pressing hard to change the debate to one about access to contraceptives, not religious freedom.  

Jonathan Last writes that, in the mind of those on the left, is really is all about sex, free access to causal sex, uncommitted sex without penalty or social consequences.  

But to this day “the central dogma of the baby boomers,” as David Frum once wrote in these pages, is “the belief that sex, so long as it’s consensual, ought never to be subject to moral scrutiny at all.”

Read the entire article here.  

Keep the argument about the First Amendment and religious freedom.  This is how we can convince the American people.  But it is always good to know where the other side is coming from.

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