Poll: women do NOT approve of the HHS mandate forcing payment for abortion-inducing drugs

A new Wall Street Journal Poll, taken Feb 29th – March 3rd, in the midst of the orchestrated distraction of Ms Fluke and Mr Limbaugh, has some startling results.

The poll gave a mixed picture of [President] Obama’s efforts to require most employers to cover contraception in their health-care plans. It found wide support for the U.S. government requiring employers to offer free birth control coverage, with 53% supporting the policy and 33% opposed. But support dropped sharply, to 38%, when people were asked about the requirement applying to religiously affiliated hospitals and colleges, and having the insurer pay for the cost.

Another telling result is not mentioned in the Journal news story. Each of the questions was asked two ways: with and without mention that the mandate includes “the morning after pill” (the pollsters did not use the word “abortifacient”). The 53% to 33% figure is for the version of the question without the morning-after pill; with it, support drops to 43%, with 43% opposed. Likewise, when the morning-after pill was mentioned in the question about applying the mandate to Catholic and other religious institutions, support for the mandate dropped further, to 34% from 38%.

Despite what you hear from the media, women do not support forcing religious institutions to provide contraception and abortion-inducing drugs to employees.  Despite what you hear from the media, the administration has not succeeded in painting this as “the out-of-touch bishops who want to deny women health care versus women.”  Women are not falling for that lie.  People are interested in this issue and smart enough to see through the lies.

I apologize that I cannot link directly to the survey; it is on a subscriber-only page.  Here is the WSJ article quoted above.

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