On the HHS Preventative Health Mandate and the Catholic Church in America

Fr Stephen McKinley, OFM Conv, of Marytown, has some strong words for us.  An excerpt from his homily of last Sunday:

There is a place for civil disobedience and it is reached when to obey is to go against God’s Divine Law and Order.   And my friends the recent health care mandate that forces Catholic institutions to cover as part of their employee health plans all sorts of birth control methods, some of which cause abortions to take place, as well as sterilization procedures is a bad law.  And then we are told that this is done in the name of giving good health care for women.  What a crock!  As if Catholics didn’t care for women!  I don’t know about you but I’ve never heard of a woman being turned down from any Catholic hospital on the ground s that she was a woman!  On the other hand I know of many examples of Catholic hospitals taking care of patients that no other hospital would and I actually know of Catholic hospitals that ask the patient’s name BEFORE they ask if they have health insurance! 

Read the entire homily here.  

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