Obama administration approves Amish religious exemption. Catholics not so much.

Sr Mary Ann Walsh, blogger at the USCCB media blog, posted a well-thought critique of the Obama administration’s inconsistency in respecting religious freedoms.  The blog: Amish OK, Catholics no.

We should be asking ourselves, “why did the administration pick this fight with the Catholic Church?  Why are they treating the Church differently from other religious organizations?”  Partly because they can appear equitable when they respect the beliefs of the Amish.  However, the bottom line is that the Catholic Church is the only major entity in the country still standing strong and consistent for life–no exceptions, no ifs-ands-or-buts.  Respect for life from conception until natural death–no wiggle room, no negotiation, and no compromise on that doctrine.

A key excerpt from the blog:

The government respects the First Amendment that guarantees the right to freely exercise one’s religious beliefs, but only to a point. In the health care law it picks and chooses which beliefs it respects. The Amish do not believe in insurance, and the government understands. Christian Care Ministry believes people should form a religious community and pay medical bills for one another, and the government says okay. Yet when the Catholic Church opposes being forced to pay for services that violate its beliefs, the Administration says “tough.”

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