The Ugly Assumptions Behind the Administration’s Attack on Religious Liberty

USCCB blogger Don Clemmer posts about Catholics, voting responsibly, and religious freedom.

Don lists the assumptions made by the administration as it attacks our religious liberty.  Read the blog post concrete examples.

There’s the assertion/assumption that, in order to be a participant in the public square, it’s somehow necessary for a group or entity to buy into certain cultural values. 

In other words, we must agree to the culture’s definition of homosexual “marriage” and abortion on demand and free contraception and sterilization for all.

There’s the assumption that the government can suddenly dictate what’s religious and what is not. 

In other words, an obscure government bureaucracy, and not the Gospel of Jesus Christ, decides what is religion.

Related to this is the idea that freedom of religion merely means “freedom of worship.”

In other words, you may pray at home but don’t dare bring your faith into the public square.

One final, particularly smug and ugly assumption is the cultural dismissal of the importance of the work of the Church and religion in general.

The government knows how to do these things better, don’t you know?

Clemmer concludes with this:

And this is why religious freedom should matter to the Catholic voter, because it’s directly tied to the Church’s ability to advocate and work for the common good in the public square. In that sense, religious freedom is at the heart of faithful citizenship.

We should consider religious freedom as it’s being attacked today when we vote in November.

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