The real impact of the HHS mandate

Susan Wills writes on the USCCB Life Issues Forum about the real impact of the mandate.  

She counters each of the talking points of the administration and it’s partners, Planned Parenthood:

Supporters of the Health and Human Services (HHS) contraceptive mandate endlessly repeat these claims: contraception is an essential preventive healthcare benefit; cost is the chief barrier to access; and those who object to the mandate are “waging war on women.”


These are red herrings to distract from the core issue: the Administration’s unprecedented violation of rights of conscience and religious liberty in forcing almost everyone who offers or purchases a health plan—including faithful Catholics and most Catholic employers—to cover sterilization procedures, contraceptives, and abortifacients.

Wills has an interesting point about some of the reasons behind the contraception mandate.   It is not only about contraception without copay.  

But the contraceptive mandate is not just about access to condoms and pills. Reproductive “rights” advocates hope it will help take fertility out of the control of contraceptive users (who may not always take a pill promptly or use a condom as instructed) and give control to drug companies and doctors, by switching women to expensive “long-acting reversible contraceptives” (LARCs).


In its 1995 “Uneven and Unequal” position paper, the Guttmacher Institute proposed a comprehensive plan to accomplish this through health care reform…

How does the HHS mandate affect children, and parents’ authority over medical decisions about their children?
  • With cost no longer a barrier, only one obstacle remains: Parents! How does a girl on her parents’ insurance policy get an IUD without their finding out? The Guttmacher “solution” is reflected in HHS’s March 21 “Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking”:  Spouses and dependents must be included in all policies, and confidentiality and privacy between the insurer and user are mandated. Parents need never know, and the teen doesn’t even need to beg, borrow or steal the co-pay from Mom and Dad.

Wills concludes by detailing the health problems that contraceptive use entails, including the effects of the contraceptives and the results of the promiscuous sex that the contraceptive mentality encourages.

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