Opposing views on the recent lawsuits challenging the HHS mandate

An article in the Daily Beast criticizes the USCCB and Catholic organizations who brought lawsuits against the government over the HHS mandate.  This article is a good one to help understand the methods that HHS mandate supporters use to debate this issue.

  • they mention only contraception, not abortion-inducing drugs or sterilization
  • they assume that this controversy is purely ideological, and assume that the reader knows that Justice Scalia is driven only by ideology 
  • they equate the Catholic Church’s “discrimination” against gay people (not placing children for adoption with gay couples) with Bob Jones University’s racial discrimination.  
  • they argue that religious organizations that run institutions (such as schools) should not be able to impose their world views on the institutions.  Huh?
  • they see everything through the lens of policy and positions.  They cannot understand, given their secular mindset, that a matter of Church teaching, a matter of faith, is not a “policy,’ but is an unchangeable truth.

An opposing view is provided by Cardinal Dolan on CBS news.  He tells us that the administration is strangling the Catholic Church.  Read the article by CBS at the link, and listen to the Cardinal talk.  The CBS article mentions only contraception, and is very positive to the administration, saying that President Obama offered to soften the rule.  We know that he did no such thing; the rule became law on the same day that he offered the false “accommodation” in a press conference.  

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