The impact of Notre Dame joining the lawsuits against HHS

William McGurn has written an interesting editorial in the Wall Street Journal about Notre Dame, Indiana politics, and the miscalculations of the Obama administration regarding the HHS mandate.

Let us recall that Notre Dame took a great deal of (well-deserved) heat for inviting President Obama to give the commencement address, and receive an honorary degree, in 2009.  The President is avowedly pro-abortion, and his stand on abortion is directly opposed to Catholic teaching.  Notre Dame is a Catholic university, after all.

As McGurn notes, Notre Dame is suing the Obama administration because they will not budge on the HHS mandate, even after honoring him in 2009 for his “willingness to engage with those who disagree with him.”

Notre Dame is suing its own commencement speaker.  This makes for a very difficult situation for “progressive” Catholics, and HHS mandate supporters, who claim that the Catholic organizations suing the administration over the HHS mandate are lackeys of the Republican party and other Obama-haters.  Very difficult, indeed, because Fr Jenkins, the president of Notre Dame, is hardly an Obama-hater, given the pressure he withstood to invite and honor the same President Obama in 2009.  Perhaps the scales have fallen from his eyes?  


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