USCCB responds to George Soros-funded attack

Louis Gehring is the “Catholic Program Director” of a group called “Faith in Public Life.”  This group is funded by the Center for American Progress, a strongly pro-abortion group, and from atheist billionaire and leftist George Soros.  Doesn’t sound very unbiased, does it?  Gehring’s group released a memo to journalists with point-by-point attacks on the U.S. bishops, and even gave journalists a handy list of questions with which to attack the bishops, especially on the Fortnight for Freedom.  

The USCCB has just released an Advisory Memo to Journalists.  The memo is a sharp reply to each point of Gehring’s memo.  Gehring misquotes several bishops, takes quotes out of context, and creates other positions out of thin air.  He attempts to cast the Fortnight for Freedom as a political tactic by the bishops against the president in an election year.

I will copy the first of Gehring’s “facts” and the USCCB reply.  You then need to go read the rest!

Gehring: It’s especially important to scrutinize the bishops’ campaign because of “the charged political backdrop of this high-profile initiative — five months before a presidential election.”


Fact: Mr. Gehring should have noticed that the bishops’ key insert for Church bulletins during the Fortnight for Freedom lists seven recent threats to religious liberty – only two of which have anything to do with the President or his administration.None of our materials, of course, say anything about an election.The Fortnight for Freedom responds to a broader trend in our society: We are in danger of forgetting our nation’s great legacy of religious freedom, and of neglecting to defend such freedom for everyone when that is most needed.Even regarding the HHS contraceptive mandate – the only one of the seven threats that Mr. Gehring seems to notice – the timing of the regulatory process and resulting controversy has been determined by the Administration, not by the Church.

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One Response to USCCB responds to George Soros-funded attack

  1. Brent Brooks says:

    What an amazing spin! Which side chose to create this issue right before the election?

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