Homily on Religious Freedom by Deacon Chuck Lanham

Deacon Chuck Lanham, of St Albert’s Catholic Community here in Reno, has published a terrific homily on religious freedom.  

As Deacon Chuck says,

Threats against religious freedom in our country are not imaginary. They are happening right now. They are immediate, serious and real. The assault on our religious freedom should not be looked upon as merely ideological sophistry; our right to freely congregate and practice our religion is under direct attack by those who wish to redefine our national ethos to a purely secular society.

He goes on to explain two recent, egregious examples of attacks on religious freedom.  In the case of EEOC vs Hosana-Tabor (a Lutheran church and school), 

…the administration took the view that government can supervise who your minister is and can even order you to reinstate that minister.

The deacon explains the most dangerous part of the HHS mandate:

Embedded in the HHS mandate is a very narrow definition of what constitutes a church and if it steps beyond this narrow definition by hiring those of other faiths or by serving the common good then it no longer meets the definition of a religious organization.

Deacon Chuck makes a superb point before closing his homily:

The reality is that unless we work diligently to keep our religious liberty, we will lose it. 

What are you doing to work to keep our religious liberty?

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