More businesses suing the administration over the mandate–and good news.

Legatus, an organization of Catholic business leaders, and Weingartz Supply Company are suing the administration, asking that they not enforce the HHS mandate.  The Thomas More Law Center, a public interest law firm based in Michigan, is representing them.  The Federal District Judge of the Eastern District of Michigan set the 26th of September to hear arguments.   In this case, the government agreed to not enforce the HHS mandate against the plaintiffs until the first of January, 2013. 

As the summary on the Thomas More Law Center website notes,

The purpose of the lawsuit is to permanently block the implementation of the HHS Mandate which requires employers and individuals to obtain insurance coverage for abortions and contraception on the grounds that it imposes clear violations of conscience on Americans who morally object to abortion and contraception. 


The lawsuit challenges the constitutionality of the HHS Mandate under the First Amendment rights to the Free Exercise of Religion and Free Speech and the Establishment Clause.   It also claims that the HHS Mandate violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 and the Administrative Procedure Act.

Interestingly, Legatus has over 4,000 members in 73 chapters in 31 states.  Tom Monaghan, the former owner of Domino’s PIzza, founded Legatus in 1987.

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