British teachers face firing if they don’t endorse gay “marriage”

In Britain, the attacks on religious freedom intensify.  These attacks go beyond a desire for “tolerance” of actions and ideologies that violate one’s faith, to the point of requiring endorsement.

British government ministers requested legal analysis of “reforms” of marriage laws proposed by Prime Minister Cameron, who vows to legalize gay “marriage” by 2015.  According to an article in the Telegraph, the impact of these reforms will be far-reaching and will significantly impact religious liberties.

Teachers will be required to endorse and teach the acceptability of gay “marriage” or face dismissal, according to legal experts.  According to these same experts, parents will not have the right to withdraw their children from these classes, regardless of their religious beliefs.  Priests and other ministers will be required to perform gay “marriage” ceremonies, with the threat of court action should they refuse.

Britain is the closest analog to our own democratic tradition.  Where they go, we may follow in a few short years.

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