Freedom of Religion is now Freedom FROM Religion

You probably know that there is a famous cross at Ground Zero of the World Trade Center.  When the buildings collapsed, a 20-foot cross of two girders stood.  Rescue responders and cleanup workers took much solace in the cross.  The cross was eventually removed from the site.  Now, the plan is to place the cross in the new National September 11 Memorial and Museum, as an historical exhibit.  The cross will not be as part of a chapel or any type of church, but only as part of an exhibit on how people coped with the tragedy and its aftermath.

Atheists are quite offended, however, and are suing to keep the cross from being displayed in the museum.  The president of American Atheists said that the organization will not “allow this travesty to occur in our country.”  Displaying a cross as an historical exhibit is a travesty?

Apparently, the atheists are so angry that they have not done their homework.  Their lawsuit charges that displaying the cross is an attempt to promote a specific religion on government land, and therefore violates the Establishment Clause of the Bill of Rights.  Except the museum is a private foundation, and is not on government land.  Ooops.  Additionally, in Lynch vs. Donnelly, the Supreme Court found that a religious display on government property was permitted, if it had a secular purpose.  Displays of religious items or pictures in art galleries, or for historic or educational purposes, are allowed.  

This is but one example of a dangerous trend in our country.  The goal of many secular humanists is to change freedom of religion into freedom from religion.  They don’t mean live and let live, or don’t force your religion on me.  They mean no religion in public.  Listen for these keywords from politicians:  they talk about freedom of worship, which is an anemic and dumbed-down shadow of a vigorous freedom of religion.  The First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees us the right to live our faiths in the public square, at work, at school, anywhere.

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