New poll: Catholics think that Obama administration has overstepped with HHS mandate

A new poll, conducted by Magellan Strategies for The Catholic Association, confirms that most Catholics think that the Obama administration has gone too far, restricting religious liberties in implementing administration policies.  57% of all Catholics agreed with this, while 67% of Catholics who regularly attend Mass agreed.

A key finding:  66% of all Catholics, and 72% of regular Mass-attending Catholics, say that “Religious charitable institutions should not be forced by the government to provide or pay for goods and services they morally object to.”

This administration has badly misread Catholics.  The administration assumed that, because many Catholics contracept, they would support the administration’s heavy-handed dictate that Church organizations pay for employee contraception.  The administration has also failed in its attempt to cast the protests of faith organizations as a “war on women.”  People are smart enough to see through that smokescreen, and understand that the only “war on women” is a war on women of conscience and faith.

The “internals” of this poll should get the attention of the administration.  By political party, those polled identified as 48% Democrat, 33% Republican, and 19% Independent.  That’s a heavily Democratic sample.  If 66% of even such a heavily Democratic sample sees that the administration has gone too far with the HHS mandate, and is violating religious freedom,  support for this administration misstep is very thin indeed.

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