Math is hard (especially if you have an agenda)

The campaign website of President Obama is asking women to buy and send this “e card.”


Let’s do a bit of simple arithmetic.  The average age of menopause in the United States is 51.  The average age of menarche in the United States is 12.43 years.  Let’s call it 12 years for ease of calculation.  Hmmm…this means that the average woman in the United States will be capable of bearing children for about 39 years.  Let’s say that she uses contraceptive pills for the entire 39 years, from first menstruation until menopause, just to give a feel for how hard the math really is.

Depo-Provera costs $35-$75 per shot, according to Planned Parenthood.  It lasts for three months.  A woman who uses this for 39 years needs four shots per year, so that adds up to 156 shots.  For a $75 shot every three months for 39 years, that’s a total of $11,700.  For the $35 shot, the total cost is $5,460.

Contraceptive pills–oral birth control pills–cost about $9 per month at Target or Wal Mart.  For our woman’s 39 years, that adds up to $4,212 total.  

We also need to understand that it would be very rare indeed to find a female human who contracepts for the entirety of her child-bearing years.  That would drive these costs lower.  

Where did they pull the $18,000 figure from?  Oh, I know.  Everything is more expensive when the government gets involved!  $18,000 is $38 per month for 39 years.  Not only are you, the taxpayer, going to subsidize other peoples’ birth control, but you are going to subsidize their birth control at 4 times the cost on the market.  

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