O’Brien Holdings will appeal the ruling against them and for HHS

Last week, a federal judge ruled against O’Brien Industrial Holdings, a small business which had sued the administration over the HHS mandate.  Today, O’Brien Industrial Holdings appealed the judgement.  

Francis J. Manion, attorney for the American Center for Law and Justice, is representing O’Brien,  He said:

The fact that the court held that being forced by the government to pay for something that violates your deep religious beliefs is not a burden on religious liberty is an extraordinary finding.  It’s so extraordinary, in fact, that it’s a position the government itself doesn’t take. 

As Manion stated, the HHS mandate does grant exemptions to religious employers.  This confirms that the government does recognize that the HHS mandate infringes on religious liberty.   

That’s why the president and (Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen) Sebelius have been talking for months about their efforts to ‘balance’ religious liberty with the right of access to contraception, as they see it.


Manion predicted that the appeals court will reverse the decision. 


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