Obama is proud of the HHS mandate: “and we are going to keep it!”

Campaigning in Virginia, President Obama told an audience at George Mason University that free contraception for college students was a reason for the HHS mandate, and that we are going to keep this law.  Setting up a handy strawman for attack, he said:

Doctors prescribe contraception, not only for family planning but as a way to reduce the risk of ovarian and other cancers, and it’s good for our health care system in general because we know the overall cost of care is lower when women have access to contraceptive services.


Of course, the Catholic Church has no objection to hormones prescribed by doctors for truly health-related purposes, and it is disingenuous for him to suggest that HHS mandate opponents are fighting against this.  

Obama further said:

I don’t think a working mom in Arlington should have to wait to get a mammogram just because money is tight.  I don’t think a college student in Fairfax or Charlottesville should have to choose between text books or the preventive care that she needs. That’s why we passed this law. And I am proud of it. It was the right thing to do. And we are going to keep it.


Again, he implies that HHS mandate opponents are against mammograms, demonizing the opponents.  He then smoothly moves into the contraceptive/abortion-inducing drug aspect of the HHS mandate, but won’t use those terms.  Instead, he hides the reality by describing them as “preventative care.”  Except for the inconvenient fact that pregnancy is not a disease.  College students that cannot afford contraception can find free contraception at student health centers nationwide, and low-cost generic oral contraception at Target for $9.00 per month.  How is it right for the Obama administration to force people of faith to violate their faiths by buying contraception and abortion-inducing drugs, when such are ubiquitous and cheap?

Obama went on to say that Republican challenger Mitt Romney has…

…joined the far-right of his party to support a bill that would have allow any employer to deny contraceptive coverage to their employees.

You people of faith who don’t think that the government has any business telling you to violate your faith?  You are “far-right” and want to deny essential preventative services to these poor women!  How is it that refusal to pay for an objectionable service or product becomes denial of access to the service or product?  


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