Publishing Bibles is not religious!

Well, not in the alternate universe in which the Obama administration lives and rules.  As noted earlier on this blog, Tyndale House Publishers is suing the HHS over the mandate, which will force them to buy abortion-inducing drugs for their employees, or pay crushing fines.  

Kathyrn Jean Lopez has written a summary of this case, with some interesting insights from Mark Taylor, President and CEO of the family-owned business.  The issue became a crisis for Tyndale on the 1st of October, the first day of the plan year for the company health plan, the day they must comply with the HHS mandate.

As Taylor says, 

The law does not give any religious-freedom exemption to faith-based operations like Tyndale.  Instead, it imposes crushing fines on employers who are doing nothing more than following their consciences against abortion-inducing pills. The government is supposed to promote conscience protection, not attack it. The best solution is for Congress or the administration to respect the First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act by eliminating the abortion-pill mandate. But if they refuse to do their duty, we hope the courts will rule that the mandate is unlawful.

Under the rules of the HHS mandate, this Bible publisher who uses all proceeds for ministry and charity is not religious.  As Taylor comments,

The government’s policy that publishing the Bible is not a religious activity is disconnected from reality.  Never before has the federal government had the nerve to insist that all for-profit businesses are purely secular and cannot have a religious purpose.  Americans today clearly agree with America’s founders: The federal government is not qualified to decide what faith is, who the faithful are, and where and how that faith may be lived out.

Why is Tyndale suing the federal government?  

Out of our religious conscience we have chosen not to comply with aspects of the mandate that promote abortion-inducing pills.   But no organization could deal with the crippling, draconian financial and legal penalties on faith that this mandate imposes.  That is why Tyndale was left with no alternative but to go to court.

The Department of Justice argued, in the Newland v. Sebelius case, also over the HHS mandate, that Americans lose their religious freedom when they enter secular business.  Taylor’s comment:

The Obama administration is simply wrong to argue that one’s faith may be exercised only in private or in churches. We are confident that courts, all the way to the Supreme Court, will uphold and affirm our God-given religious freedom.

Finally, Taylor notes:

According to the Declaration of Independence, the role of government is to secure for the people those freedoms endowed to us by our Creator. The Bill of Rights enumerates many of those freedoms, including religious liberty. I would hope voters would evaluate whether the present administration is defending freedom or trampling on it. 


Are you registered to vote?


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