Fight for religious liberty is a long-term effort

As we’ve said at LIBERTAS Nevada: this is a marathon, not a sprint.  Archbishop Lori, the chairman of the USCCB ad hoc committee on religious liberty, has said much the same thing.  In a Nov 12th report to the bishops’ conference, Archbishop Lori said:

We are prayerfully resolute in pursuing the project of defending and fostering religious liberty, in the short and mid-term and in the long-term.

He noted that protecting religious freedom…

…requires long-term foundational and formational work

On this issue, the USCCB has been deeply involved in catechesis, prayer, support for the faithful nationwide, education, and media and public outreach over the past year.

Archbishop Lori noted that the

political landscape is the same, but so also is our resolve to eliminate the HHS mandate and most especially the four-part definition that it contains of what constitutes religious activity.

Archbishop Lori discussed the need for bishops to focus on providing

…education and formation as part of the New Evangelization….greater formation, especially to reach young people, to open their hearts to their heritage as Americans and to what the faith teaches about religious liberty.

Archbishop Lori also noted that 

we are stressing that this is not a Catholic issue, but an American issue.

Despite some setbacks, he noted that

defending religious freedom, like defending life and marriage, are not short term projects.

He asked his fellow bishops to  see themselves as

not as part of a fleeting effort, but rather as part of a movement to defend, to promote and to foster life, liberty and marriage

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