Gay students want Salvation Army banned from campus

Expect to see more of this.  At the University of California at Berkeley, the student Senate has voted to ban the Salvation Army bellringers from the campus.  Their reason?  The Salvation Army supposedly discriminates agains gays and lesbians.   Gay activists claim that the Salvation Army uses the money earned from these charity collections to lobby the government against gay rights legislation.  Activists also claim that the the Salvation Army discriminates against gays and lesbians in serving the poor.  

The Salvation Army denies both charges.  George Hood, the national community relations secretary for the Salvation Army, said that

the allegations of discrimination are untrue and poorly researched.  Proceeds from resold donations go directly to Salvation Army rehabilitation centers, not to government lobbying.  Our whole history, the foundation of the Salvation Army … is to meet human need without discrimination.


The university chancellor will make the final decision.  

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