A final victory for conscience rights in Illinois

We posted in September about an battle over conscience rights in Illinois.  (Now former) Governor Rod Blagojevich had ordered all pharmacists and pharmacies to sell abortion-inducing morning after drugs.  After seven years of litigation, an appellate court ruled the governor’s rule invalid.

This week, the State of Illinois decided not to pursue an appeal to this ruling.  The final result: the state government cannot order pharmacists to act contrary to their conscience.  This is a huge step forward for religious liberty.  The Illinois state government argued, as has the Obama Department of Justice in HHS mandate lawsuits, that people lose their religious freedom when they enter a profession or business.  These court decisions in Illinois, and recent federal court decisions against the Obama administration in HHS mandate cases, are a clear blow to this specious argument. 

Thanks to the brave pharmacists in Illinois, who risked their livelihood and profession in pursuing this action.

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