Attacking religious freedom is rewarded in Connecticut

In 2009, a bill was introduced in the Connecticut legislature that would have forcibly reorganized the Catholic Church in that state.  The bill was submitted in the name of “financial accountability.”   According to State Senator Andrew McDonald, who introduced the bill, it was written as a response to alleged financial mismanagement at two Catholic parishes.  The bill proposed to change the state’s religious corporations act, and would have forcibly shifted control of parish finances from bishops and priests to the laity.  The bill was aimed directly at the Catholic Church–it only addressed the organization of the Catholic Church in Connecticut.   

The bill was fiercely opposed by Catholics in Connecticut and lovers of religious freedom nationwide, and McDonald was forced to withdraw it.

Now we have more news about Andrew McDonald.  He has been nominated for the Connecticut Supreme Court.  A man who tried to trample on the religious freedom of millions will now judge cases that concern those same freedoms.  He has been approved by the Connecticut General Assembly’s Judiciary Committee and will likely be confirmed.   

He claims that he can be neutral and judge fairly.  He is openly gay and denies that he has an anti-Catholic bias.  In fact, he says that he is a Catholic and considers himself a member of the church.  He also said, 

My religious faith, in my opinion, holds no sway over what I would ever do as a member of the judiciary.


I would ask Mr. McDonald, and our Vice President, and other politicians who hold this opinion: if your faith holds no sway over your actions, your faith must not be the truth.  What is your faith, if it’s not true enough to influence your actions and decisions? 

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