Catholic Charities adoption services threatened in Colorado

Under a new law proposed in the Colorado legislature, Catholic Charities’ adoption services may be forced to close.  The new law, which legalizes same-sex civil unions and makes these unions equivalent to marriage, would drop the conscience provisions in the previous bills.  Those provisions prevented adoption agencies from being forced to place children with same-sex couples.  Catholic Charities will not place children for adoption or foster care with same-sex couples–or with opposite sex cohabiting couples.  

The same thing has happened in Illinois, Massachusetts, Washington D.C., and San Francisco.  Catholic Charities has been forced to shut down and cease providing adoption services because they will not place children with same-sex, or cohabiting opposite-sex, couples.  

Catholic Charities follows the teachings of the Catholic Church in placing children only with married couples.  The bill, if it becomes law, will force Catholic Charities to either violate the Catholic faith, or go out of business.  

Previous versions of same-sex marriage bills in Colorado contained robust conscience protection, including protection against lawsuits.  But the political environment in Colorado has changed, and the state has been specifically targeted by LGBT advocacy groups and wealthy individual donors.  

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