HHS mandate to provoke a schism in the Catholic Church?

Carson Holloway has written a thought-provoking article over at The Public Discourse.  The article considers the likely consequences for American society and democracy should the HHS mandate stand.  The thesis is based on the observation that many Catholics dissent from Church teaching about contraception.  Should the HHS mandate stand, the author holds, many Catholic institutions will decide to abide by the mandate, and directly provide abortion-inducing drugs, contraceptives, and sterilization to employees.  This action would be in direct rebellion against the Catholic bishops, creating the schism.

The author contends that, whether or not such a schism ensues, the Catholic faithful will be reduced to the status of second-class citizens.  They will be allowed to worship in their churches and at home, but will not be permitted to serve the poor, or operate hospitals or educational institutions.  Faithful Catholic laypeople who enter secular business will either have to keep their businesses small (below the 50 employee minimum for the HHS mandate) or pay crippling fines to the IRS for violating the mandate.  This will ensure that Catholic laypeople are not successful in business.

The overall result will be a severe reduction of the presence in the public square of faithful Catholics.  The Church in America will be torn apart under government pressure to support the tenets of the sexual revolution.   

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