Appeals court grants injunction against HHS for another private business

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has issued its second injunction against the HHS, in favor of yet another family-owned business.  Grote Industries is owned by the Grote family, Catholics who operate their business according to Catholic principles.  They employ 1,148 people in Madison, Indiana, manufacturing vehicle safety systems.  

From the ruling: 

And the government’s minimalist characterization of the burden continues to obscure the substance of the religious‐liberty violation asserted here. Id. The members of the Grote Family contend that their faith forbids them to facilitate access to contraception by paying for it, as the mandate requires them to do.


The ruling refers to the Korte case, which this court also ruled on, granting injunctive relief to the small business owners.


And as in Korte, the government has not, at this juncture, made an effort to satisfy strict scrutiny. In particular, it has not demonstrated that requiring religious objectors to provide cost‐free contraception coverage is the least restrictive means of increasing access to contraception.


This is another case that should go to the Supreme Court.

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