US Department of Justice trying to deport German homeschoolers

An Evangelical Christian family, based on their faith, objects to what the public schools are teaching their children and begin to homeschool the children.  Sounds pretty normal, right?  However, the Romeike family is German, and homeschooling is not legal in Germany.  After paying some $10,000 in fines and having the police take the kids to public school, the family left Germany and sought political asylum in the United States.  

The Obama Department of Justice is arguing that the Romeike family should be deported, because homeschooling is not a fundamental right.  Our own government is vigorously trying to send this family back to Germany to face further fines and the certainty that the government will force their children into public school.

Our own DOJ is arguing that a government has the authority to force parents to send their children to public school, and based on this is working hard to send this family back to Germany.  

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