Freedom of Religion vs the LGBT agenda

A Catholic priest at George Washington University does not believe that homosexual acts are moral, and further believes that marriage is between one man and one woman.  Imagine that, a Catholic priest who is, well, Catholic in his beliefs.  And this priest had the temerity to talk about his beliefs, and act on those beliefs.

Two gay students at GWU are trying to have this priest removed from campus ministry for being Catholic.  These two students call Fr Shaffer “anti-gay” and “anti-abortion,” and for those crimes, he must be silenced and removed.  According to other students, Fr Shaffer holds to Catholic teaching–that same-sex-attracted people are people like any other, but that homosexual activity is objectively immoral.  He is hardly “anti-gay.”  

Fr Shaffer wrote this blog posting in 2012:

As Vatican II states, God is the author of marriage. He has defined marriage as between a man and a woman.  Every single rational person knows that sexual relationships between persons of the same sex are unnatural and immoral. They know it in their hearts.

It is telling that the two students seeking Fr Shaffer’s ouster will not discuss the issues.  They label him as hateful and anti-gay, and want him removed for his opinions and beliefs.  This is the tip of the iceberg–anyone speaking out against the LGBT agenda, or the redefinition of marriage, is automatically labeled a “hater” and must be eliminated.  

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