High school fires teacher for violation of contract

Well, that title didn’t sound very interesting, did it?  So what?  Most people agree that employees should get fired when they break their contracts.  In Columbus, Ohio, a Catholic high school teacher accepted employment under the condition that she would abide by the morality clause in the contract.  The teacher signed a contract that said she would be terminated if she was guilty of “immorality” or “serious unethical conduct.”  The teacher has lived in a long-term lesbian relationship, which is clearly against the teachings of the Catholic Church, and the Diocese of Columbus fired her.  

The teacher is suing to get her job back.  The city of Columbus has an ordinance that bars employers from discriminating based upon sexual orientation.  However, the courts have held that religious organizations, including schools, can discriminate in hiring based on their religious beliefs.  Just last year, the Obama administration tried to force a Lutheran school to rehire a fired teacher.  In the Hosanna-Tabor decision, which we wrote about here, the Supreme Court slapped down the administration 9-0.  No, you can’t fire religious schools to hire people.

This will be an interesting case to watch.

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