Update on Nevada Preservation of Religious Freedom Act

It has been a busy few weeks in Carson City!  Senate Bill 192 was heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee on the 13th of March.  The bill was passed unanimously out of committee–on the last possible day before it would die.  Last Friday, the bill was discussed on the Senate floor.  After two senators spoke against it, a third senator asked that the bill be “referred to the Secretary’s desk,” before any supporters had a chance to speak.  This was done, because the majority leader thought that the requesting senator was speaking the will of the sponsor.  Not so–this sort of referral often kills a bill.  After much persuasion, and a barrage of emails and phone calls by supporters of religious freedom, the bill was again put on the agenda for a vote this Monday.  The bill had to be passed from the Senate by Tuesday or it would have died.

The Senate voted 14-7 to pass the bill!

Now, we are on to the Assembly.  The first stop will be the Assembly Judiciary Committee.  As soon as we have a date, we will publish that.  I hope that many readers will be able to attend the committee hearing.  The Assembly will be a much harder mountain to climb, and we will need all the help and prayers that we can get.

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