IRS attack on religious freedom

One very troubling aspect of the IRS harassment and intimidation of conservative groups has not received much publicity.  Of the many organizations who applied 501(c)(4) status were pro-life and pro-traditional marriage groups.  The IRS asked questions of these groups that show a total disregard for the First Amendment protection of religious freedom.  Terry Mattingly at Patheos blog has provided a cogent summary of the issue

The IRS asked pro-life groups to justify their prayer in front of abortion mills, and to provide the content of the prayers.  The IRS asked one pro-life group to sign a sworn declaration that they would not protest or pray in front of Planned Parenthood facilities.  The IRS asked pro-life groups to furnish the percentage of their time spent in prayer.  Some of the IRS harassment is detailed in a Thomas More Society news release; the Society is representing some of these organizations.

Remarkably, these IRS workers and their supervisors still have their jobs.  And most Americans are unaware or unconcerned that government bureaucrats are intimidating fellow citizens for expressing their religious beliefs.

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