Florida company wins injunction against HHS mandate

Beckwith Electric, a family company owned by Thomas Beckwith and represented by the Thomas More Law Center, has won an injunction in Federal District Court in Florida. The judge ordered that the HHS not enforce the mandate against Beckwith Electric. 

Beckwith Electric employs 168 people in the manufacture and engineering of micro-processors for electrical equipment.  Thomas Beckwith’s parents started the company in the family garage in 1967.  Beckwith is a Southern Baptist, and he will violate his deeply held religious beliefs if forced to provide abortion-inducing drugs to employees.

The judge’s ruling is worth is worth reading.  Her conclusion is clear and powerful:

The First Amendment, and its statutory corollary the RFRA, endow upon the citizens of the United States the unalienable right to exercise religion, and that right is not relinquished by efforts to engage in free enterprise under the corporate form. No legislative, executive, or judicial officer shall corrupt the Framers’ initial expression, through their enactment of laws, enforcement oft hose laws, or more importantly, their interpretation of those laws. And any action that debases, or cheapens, the intrinsic value of the tenet of religious tolerance that is entrenched in the Constitution cannot stand.

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