Conscience objection by medical professionals in New Zealand

In this story, a doctor in New Zealand exercised a right that pharmacists in Nevada do not have.  In New Zealand, a doctor can refuse to prescribe or dispense medication with which he has a conscientious objection.  Dr Lee, of Blenheim, New Zealand, refused to prescribe contraceptives to a young woman.  Further, he is reported to have recommended Natural Family Planning to patients.  A group called the Abortion Law Reform Association NZ has come out against Dr Lee, stating that contraception was basic health care for women and that no doctor should have the right to refuse to provide contraceptives.

Nevada legislators would do well to examine New Zealand practices.  A doctor can refuse to provide procedures or services based on his conscience, and refers the patient to another doctor.  In Nevada, doctors can refuse to perform abortions, but pharmacists must provide contraceptives, even against their consciences.  

Why is it so difficult to understand the conscience rights of all people?

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